Ultraviolet (UV) light is a main contributor to the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone and sagging skin. Rays from the sun and tanning beds radiate this invisible radiation. The texture of your skin eventually changes if you are exposed to excessive UV light. While prevention and healthy skin care regimens are main factors for flawless skin, Los Angeles skin solutions are abundant. Options include topical solutions, oral medications, injectables, laser therapy and more.

Premature aging is evident when you develop wrinkles and lines at a young age, have uneven skin tone and sagging skin due to poor lifestyle and environmental factor. UV light also triggers the appearance of melasma and can make it worse if it’s not the initial causation factor. Cataracts Skin cancer and may also be the result due to excessive UV light exposure. UV rays can change skin cells if penetrated. UV rays include UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Los Angeles skin solutions and wrinkle treatments to improve appearance are often sought by those with UV light damage.

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Fraxel DUAL is a popular Los Angeles skin solution due to its versatility of treating mild to moderate skin issues.


Erythema results when you’re exposed to UV light. Also known as sunburn, it’s a your body’s protective reaction to minimize damage to skin. The dynamics of sunburn depend on your skin tone and many other preventative measures such as sunscreen habits. After a sunburn, your skin appears red because of damaged skin cells. Your body then sends extra blood to the areas in order to repair the damage.

Excessive UV light exposure and the resulting sunburns eventually cause deep wrinkles, dark age spots, a dull complexion and skin elasticity loss. All of these skin flaws are factors of premature aging.

Simply getting older “ages” the skin in a similar fashion; however, UV light damage speeds the process. Los Angeles skin solutions assist in prevention measures, maintenance and cosmetic treatments and procedures to reverse skin damage.


Protection from UV light can prevent the need for extensive wrinkle treatment. Sunburns occur when the amount of UV rays exceed the ability of your body’s melanin to absorb them. You should apply SPF 30 or higher daily to your face and areas of your body exposed to sun. Sunscreen should be applied every two hours when sweating, swimming, or in direct sunlight. Wear protective clothing, sunglasses and a hat when possible. Also install UV protective film in car windows. However, sunscreen cannot prevent all signs of aging.

Los Angeles skin solutions include cosmetic lasers and an array of treatments and procedures. One of the most popular Los Angeles skin solutions includes Fraxel DUAL. Los Angeles skin solutions with laser treatments stimulate new collagen production. New collagen production assists to improve unevenness, dark spots and more.

Fraxel DUAL

Fraxel DUAL is a popular Los Angeles skin solution due to its versatility of treating mild to moderate skin issues. The 1,927-wavelength nanometer Thulium fiber laser is more superficial. The 1,550-nanometer wavelength Erbium fiber laser penetrates deeper layers of the skin. It’s suitable for use on all skin tones and can also be used on the entire body. Treatments are typically three to five session with two to four week intervals.