This Los Angeles patient wanted to get rid of brown spots that was on her face.  There were several areas where this was quite prominent. Fraxel Dual was used as an age spot treatment to help address this.

Age spots are caused by sun damage. The skin tries to protect itself by producing high levels of  melanin which acts as a biological sunscreen. This results in brown pigmentation, also referred to as age spots, sun spots and brown spots.

Why Fraxel Dual Is Effective For Getting Rid of Brown Pigmentation

The long wavelengths of the Fraxel Dual system work to break up structures below the skin’s surface which contain the melanin. The fragments are then flushed away by the body’s lymphatic system. This form of treatment is safe and can be used on patients of all skin tones.

Measuring Skin Improvements With Fraxel Dual

A VISIA skin analysis also substantiated a significant  quantitative improvement in her complexion. Originally, the patient’s skin was rated at a percentile of 51. After Fraxel Dual was applied, this score went up to a percentile of 91.

Not only was the patient pleased with a more even complexion, but others around her  noticed as well.

In addition to being used as an age spot treatment, Fraxel Dual also applies the right amount of  heat energy to the dermal layer of the skin, stimulating the synthesis of new collagen fibers. As a result, the firmness and elasticity of the skin improves.

Age Spot and Skin Rejuventation| Los Angeles Patient Before and After Fraxel Dual

This patient was able to get rid of large conspicuous age spots, improve her skin’s texture and even reduce the size of her pores.*

VISIA Skin Analysis| Fraxel Dual For Age Spots

VISIA skin analysis showing quantitative improvement in the patient’s skin complexion.*

Patient Discusses Her Amazing Fraxel Dual Experience

A video was taken of this patient six weeks after the Fraxel Dual age spot treatment. The laser was successful in clearing pronounced brown spots on the patient’s face.  Additionally, she was happy to point out that Fraxel Dual had also reduced the size of her pores. In her own words, the patient explained:

My pores are so much smaller. One of my big pet peeves was my pores and it [Fraxel Dual] just shrunk them all up.”

According to Dr. Umar, Fraxel Dual can make skin look younger by at least five years or more.

Fraxel Dual Skin Treatment for Brown Spots| Happy Patient

Patient is very happy with her improved complexion and the renewed appearance of her skin.*

Fraxel Dual Procedures For Patients in Los Angeles

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