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Belotero Lip Injections for Lip Enhancement and Belotero Smile Lines Treatment: Part 1

Skin’s volume loss, elasticity loss, and the appearance of wrinkles and folds result from aging, sun damage and other environmental factors. Aging and genetics also affect volume loss in the lips. However, Belotero lip injections for lip enhancement and Belotero smile lines treatment can reverse the signs of aging and improve appearance. Voluminous lips are

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Lip Enlargement Treatments for Volume & Shape

Voluminous lips are a highly coveted aesthetic facial feature. They represent a youthful face and add symmetry to the face. However, thin lips may create a more harsh appearance. Whether resulting from genetics or aging, many now opt for a lip enlargement treatment. Injectable lip augmentation techniques with hyaluronic acid products are one of the

Results of Lip Enhancement Using Juvederm

Patient in Los Angeles Receives Juvederm for Lip Enhancement- Before and After

                Juvederm is a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in our bodies.  Because its chemical structure is ideal for augmenting and hydrating tissue, Juvederm can be used for lip enhancements. This Los Angeles patient received Juvederm in her lips to make them look more plump.

Juvederm FAQ| Patient Education on Juvederm

A New Path to Full Lips: Manhattan Beach Lip Enhancement

In Southern California, especially Manhattan Beach, a woman’s lips are everything. In a town where looking your best is bliss, having the perfect set of full lips can make a woman feel confident and look attractive. Dr. Sanusi Umar at Finetouch Dermatology offers Lip Enhacement to women of Manhattan Beach at an amazing price for