Many patients  strive for “pillow lips,” during enhancement procedures. Typically this is  inspired by celebrities. However the Los Angeles patient in this video made it very clear that she did not want  conspicuous duck-like results. She cites  Goldie Hawn in the movie,  Ex Wives Club as an example of the unnatural looking results she did not want.

Background on Juvederm For Lip Enhancement

Dr. Umar discusses Juvederm as an injection that can be used to give very natural looking results for enlarging the lips. Juvederm is a synthetic form of a naturally occurring compound in our bodies called hyaluronic acid. It is able to hold a large number of water molecules which allows it to hydrate tissue as well as augmenting it.

What many people are not aware of is that Juvederm comes in two different consistencies.
1. Juvderm Ultra (i.e. regular Juvderm), which lasts about 6 months
2. Juvederm Ultra Plus, which is thicker than the regular formulation due to a higher degree of cross linking among molecules. Juvederm Ultra Plus lasts a little longer, around 9-12 months.

Similar results can be attained using another type of lab derived hyaluronic acid called Restylane. It has a much firmer consistency and requires that the physician molds it correctly. Juvederm will diffuse into the injection site rather easily which negates the need to manually shape it. Choosing between a thicker or thinner injection solution depends on the final appearance that the patient wants. More dramatic results will require a filler with a firm and more viscous consistency.

Placing the Injections and Final Lip Shape

The lip shape desired by the patient is largely determined by where the injections are placed.  Obviously, physicians must strive for balance and symmetry across the length of the lips. But additionally, they can modify the contour of the lips by choosing strategic injection sites. In this case, the patient wanted to enhance her cupid’s bow, instead of aiming for a flat, puffy look.

Lip Enhancement|Side View of Patient

Profile view of lip enhancement results shown on patient.*

Lip Augmentation| Height of Upper Lip Shown From Side

Side view shows a natural looking height of the upper lip due to the conservative use of dermal filler.*

Lip Augmentation | Full View of Patient's Face

Side by side comparison of patient’s appearance before and after her lip augmentation procedure with Juvederm*

Close Up View| Lip Augmentation Results - Cupid's Bow Enhancement

Upper lip was enhanced to create a natural looking fullness to softly enhance the cupid’s bow shape.*

Patient Shares Her Feedback on Her Lip Enhancement – Before and After Video

The final outcome of her lip augmentation treatment is shown after one month.  Dr. Umar used only one syringe of Juvederm. Upon first glance of her results, it may be difficult to tell that the patient had anything done at all.  This, of course, was done very deliberately at her request.  If you look closely enough at the before and after images, you can see a very subtle enlargement. Both the upper and lower lips were injected.

The patient noted that only a close friend whom she confided in knew that she underwent a lip enhancement procedure. Others could not tell at all.

 Lip Enhancement For Patients in Los Angeles

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