Eyebrow transplantation results

Eyebrow Transplantation Vs. Eyebrow Extensions

One should not have to rely on eye liner every day to achieve fuller and shapely looking eyebrows; for men who desire thicker eyebrows this is usually not even an option. Most people naturally lose brow hairs over time. This may be due to hormones or other factors such as plucking, threading or over waxing.

Patient Featured on Good Morning America| Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Results of Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure Inspired By Brooke Shields

This patient, Pamela Pemrose, was featured on Good Morning America for her eyebrow hair transplant procedure performed by Dr. Umar. Pamela wanted to have fuller looking brows. And she particularly admired the long, straight shape of Brooke Shield’s eyebrows. For about ten years, she has been relying on brow pencils. But she decided that she

Tattooed Brows Before Transplantation With Nape Hair

Before and After Eyebrow Restoration Procedure of Dr. Umar – Featured on Telemundo

Dr. Umar’s eyebrow transplant procedure was featured on Telemundo (national Spanish television network) in addition to KNBC4. For many women, eyebrows play a significant role in enhancing facial aesthetics. So it is understandable how eyebrow hair loss can be an issue of concern. As women age, physiological and hormonal changes cause hairs in the brow

Patient With Tattooed Arches Before Eyebrow Transplant

Dr. Umar Talks About Eyebrow Transplantation on KNBC4

Eyebrow hair thinning is prevalent among women as they age. This is a result of changes in hormone levels as well as other aspects of their physiology. Although eyebrow transplant procedures has been an available option, scarring is a big risk. Because of this, the patient on this segment decided to get her brows tattooed