Naturally thin eyebrows made this patient feel self-conscious about his appearance; especially with his recognition that eyebrows are a major factor in the design and aesthetics of a person’s face. “I really like how prominent eyebrows frame the face and give a more youthful look,” he said. His consciousness of how sparse they were only became worse when his brother teased him a few years ago about not having eyebrows. They’ve continued to thin out since then.

His wife was sitting beside him while he answered a few initial questions. She confirmed that his eyebrow hair loss has made him self-conscious for a long time. She is in full support of his choice to undergo eyebrow transplant. “Why not do it?” she says, acknowledging that the major components necessary are there: the technology, the physician’s skill, and her husband’s desire for change.

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Eyebrow Transplant

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Eyebrow Transplant*

uGraft Method of Eyebrow Transplant

Dr. Umar’s method is unlike anyone else’s. His signature tool, uGraft, was designed to enhance the results of FUE procedures–to leave minimal scarring and produce maximum yield. The top-of-the-line scar healing enables uGraft to derive hair from exposed areas of the body. In this case, Dr. Umar extracted leg hair, which he finds ideal for blending with the eyebrows. Leg hair is innately thin, it grows slowly, and it doesn’t grow very long.

In comparison to scalp hair, the choice is clear. This patient chose the uGraft method, through which Dr. Umar removed 300 leg follicles to fill both brows. Six months later, the patient is happy he went through with the procedure. His eyebrows have yielded a fair amount of growth and now frame his face in a natural-looking curve.  Additionally, since leg hair was used, he says he only has to trim them every third or fourth week. The patient also shows his legs to reveal the lack of visual scarring in the donor region.

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Eyebrow Transplant*

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Eyebrow Transplant*


Why You Deserve Eyebrow Transplant

The eyebrows are an essential part of the face, both cosmetically and emotionally. They connote expression and frame the eyes. Having a pair of full brows with a desirable arch creates a subtle and yet significant improvement. There’s no need to feel insecure about your thinning brows, or to hassle with cosmetic pencil. Eyebrow transplant is the permanent answer to thicker brows made of real hair. Fill out this complimentary consultation form to get more information and find out if this procedure is what you’re looking for.

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