This patient was a typical woman dealing with another of the effects of aging–loss of eyebrow hair. Part of the loss stemmed from years of grooming and plucking. But it was also largely caused by the hormonal changes and general hair loss we begin to notice with age.

For a while, she spent a portion of her morning makeup routine using cosmetic pencil to fill her sparse brows and give them the desired shape. When this grew too tiresome, she turned to eyebrow tattooing. She found that this was also only a temporary fix because the ink would fade in a matter of months. And it didn’t look natural up close.

Eyebrow Transplant with Dr. Umar

Dr. Umar’s uGraft FUE procedure for eyebrow transplant was her saving grace. She came to him for his prominence as a top hair transplant surgeon and an innovator of body hair transplantation. His eyebrow transplant procedure would be capable of providing her with full, new brows permanently.

She decided to go forward with the procedure. Dr. Umar used his distinctive uGraft technique to remove 450 grafts in independent, microscopic punches from the nape of her neck. He chooses to use this donor area or the legs because the fine quality of this hair produces soft, natural-looking results.

Eyebrow Transplant| Nape Hair Grafts - Before and After

Patient’s eyebrow transplant results- close up comparing tattooed brows to real brow hair*

Eyebrow Transplant Results|Front View- Nape Hair Results

Before and after eyebrow transplant results – comparison of tattooed brows with natural looking surgical results.*

Right Eyebrow|Nape Hair Grafts- Before and After Transplant

Eyebrow transplant results seen on right eyebrow*

Patient's New Eyebrow Transplant Results| Natural Looking Brows

Patient’s new brows are natural looking and shaped to flatter her face.*

Close Up View of Patient's Brows

close up view of patient’s new eyebrows.*

View of patient's eyebrow transplant results|front view

patient is very happy with her renewed appearance following her eyebrow transplantation with nape hair.*


Patient’s Video

The patient’s results were manifest to a very full extent at fifteen months.

“I’m very pleased. I’m very surprised,” she said. “They look like eyebrows, not like something drawn on the skin.” She went on to discuss the process, including recovery, saying that the procedure was fairly easy. It took approximately three hours, she was able to drive herself home afterward, and the wounds were not hard to care for.

Eyebrow Transplant and You

If you have to fuss over your eyebrows on a daily basis–penciling them in, making sure they’re even, brushing in the pencil to give it a natural softness, etc–then you know the frustration of thinning eyebrows. But this is not something you have to deal with day in and day out any longer. Eyebrow transplant with Dr. Umar’s uGraft can give you beautifully arched and full brows without the daily hassle. Schedule a free online consultation to get started today.

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