Not everyone is born with a nose that they are completely happy with. And now, individuals have the option of making changes and adjustments with the help of cosmetic procedures. For many years, surgical rhinoplasty has been the only option for patients. But now, it is possible to choose a relatively quick, easy and cost-effective treatment with a dermal filler called Radiesse. The patient shown in the photos below opted for this route.

She did not like the bump on the bridge of her nose, preferring a straighter looking contour. Yet this patient did not feel prepared to undergo surgery.

Why Radiesse Is Used For Non-Surgical Nose Jobs?

Radiesse is composed of tiny calcium particles suspended in a gel. This injectable is capable of forming a layer under the skin which provides a structural lift. The layer can be firm or soft depending on where it is injected. Learn more about Radiesse here.

In a non-surgical nose job, the layer of calcium microspheres can help even out irregularities in the nasal bridge. It is injected to fill depressions and create a type of scaffold to minimize the appearance of bumps like the one shown in this patient’s before photos.

Radiesse is only used for improving contours, not reducing the size of the nose.

Other Benefits of Using Radiesse For the Nose

Radiesse does not alter the original bone and cartilage structure of the nose. Since it is far less invasive than surgery, patients do not need to interrupt their work schedule or the normal course of their daily activities.

Furthermore, the procedure is far less costly than surgery, making it a viable financial option for many people.

Patient’s Before and After Photos

This patient was really pleased with her final results. Dr. U injected an appropriate amount of filler into her nose bridge and shaped the mass to create the straight nose that the patient wanted. As the images show below, the final results look extremely natural and undetectable.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Results| Profile View| Los Angeles

Radiesse helped this patient achieve a straighter nose contour.*

Natural Results of Non-Surgical Nose Job| Los Angeles Patient Results

Radiesse created a more even and level surface on the nose bridge to reduce the appearance of the bump.*

Nose Job Without Surgery | Final Results | Los Angeles Patient

The patient is very happy with her final overall appearance*

Watch the patient’s video here.