Acne scarring and wrinkles are closely related. Acne scarring thins and weakens the dermis (skin) causing grooves and creases to form in the skin over time. Those with severe acne scars are more likely to get wrinkles at an earlier age. Acne scars in young people can result in a linear manner that aligns with typical aging fault lines and give the appearance of premature wrinkling. Wrinkles cannot be fully prevented; but in individuals with acne scarring who are showing evidence of wrinkling prematurely, a good approach would be to treat the acne scars.

There are two main method:

  • Fraxel Dual
  • Radiesse

The Fraxel Dual treatment can be used to reduce wrinkles caused by acne scars. It is a laser treatment that promotes the formation of new collagen tissue to greatly improve the skin’s texture and render the acne scars far less visible. The collagen tissue will fill in the acne scar depressions to create smoother looking skin. This will greatly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Dermal Fillers also promote the manufacture of new collagen, while binding with water molecules, elastin, and existing collagen. Restylane is a common Dermal Filler, which improves wrinkle lines and indentions by adding fullness and volume to the skin. It is given in the form of an injection.




Dr. U treated a young patient who developed laugh lines, which resembles wrinkles, as a result of acne scarring. Radiesse was used to reduce the laugh lines. Radiesse is a dermal filler that effectively improves wrinkles, laugh lines and other facial contours. Radiesse produces natural looking results with the use of appropriate dosages and injection techniques. The technology is made of tiny calcium based microspheres (calcium hydroxyapatite) which align with each other and allows lifting of the skin and structural support. Unlike Botox which treats the muscle, Radiesse is used to fill in the vertical frown line creases.


Laugh Lines Reduced*

Read more about how the patient’s laugh lines were treated using Radiesse and view a video displaying results here”>

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