The area beneath the eyes, known as the tear troughs are prone to various cosmetic issues that people commonly complain about. This is where the skin and tissues are quite delicate and prone to showing darkness, hollows or shadows as well as protrusions (eyebags).

However, these problems are not necessarily due to age, but more strongly related to genetics. The patient shown here is a young lady who disliked the mild puffiness under her eyes as well as the darkness of her tear troughs. She decided seek help of Dr. U to improve these areas.

Under Eye Creams and Makeup Concealers

Before undergoing treatment, the patient tried numerous creams and products. She also used makeup concealer quite regularly to help brighten the appearance beneath her eyes. However, these methods did not help.

Under eye creams work to moisturize the skin. But they cannot change the tissue in the tear troughs to significantly improve the individual’s appearance.

Concealers can help create a lighter coloration under the eyes to mask the darkness. But using them aggressively can highlight lines and look quite obvious.

Both creams and concealers can do very little, if anything, to get rid of  puffiness and bags.

Use of Radiesse for Under Eye Issues

Due to its unique properties, a dermal filler known as Radiesse offers a non-surgical solution to help improve common under eye complaints such as:

  1. dark circles
  2. wrinkles and fine lines
  3. early stage eyebags
  4. mild puffiness

While most dermal fillers are in the form of a viscous gel-like fluid, Radiesse contains tiny microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite. These particles create a matrix to help lift and shape the skin as well as facial contours.

Therefore, this property can help correct unwanted structures such as undereye protrusions, helping to level the excess tissue with skin’s surface.  Learn more about how Radiesse works here.

Also since Radiesse is white and opaque, it is not vulnerable to undesired  light refraction (i.e. Tyndall effect) through the skin, which creates bluish or greenish bruise-like discolorations. Therefore, it is a much better choice for the tear troughs compared to clear dermal fillers.

Patient’s New and Improved Appearance

Four months after her Radiesse procedure, the patient returned to our office to have images of her results taken and to discuss her experience through a video interview.

Her before and after images show quite an amazing transformation in the appearance of her face.  Her eyes look brighter with the darkness of the tear troughs greatly reduced. And best of all, the treatment created results that look very natural.

Close Up View| Eyebags & Dark Circles| Before and After Radiesse Treatment

Radiesse helped produce a noticeable difference in the appearance of undereye puffiness and darkness.*

Left Eye View| Undereye Area - Before & After Radiesse Treatment Procedure

Improvements in the appearance of the tear troughs shown before and after the patient’s treatment with Radiesse.*

Undereye Hollows| Radiesse Treatment Results on Female Patient

The darkness and depth of the under eye hollows appears to be greatly improved.*

Under Eye Appearance | Overall Effect on Patient's Facial Appearance

Improvements in the treatment of the patient’s tear troughs produced a positive effect for her overall facial appearance.*

Watch Patient’s Video – Success With Radiesse For Dark Under Eye Circles

In this video, Dr. U discusses the use of Radiesse for treating this patient’s under eye depressions, the mild protrusions and the appearance of darkness. Also the patient shares her feedback and discusses her experience.

In her video she also comments that other people notice the wonderful change in her appearance and looks forward to her next visit.