Wrinkles, laugh lines, Sagging eyebrows, acne scarring, thin cheekbones, under eye circles; these are common reasons why people decide to get Botox. Although it was once thought of as an upscale cosmetic procedure used by Hollywood celebrities to look “ageless”, getting a Botox procedure is now as low-key as a trip to the Dentist.

Botox is a medicine injected into the muscles to reduce wrinkles. The effects will also improve the other conditions mentioned above. The procedure is also used for medical conditions, such as muscle pain and spasms. Botox is generally used among adults age 40 and over, though people are starting to get the procedure as young as in their early twenties. It has been scientifically proven that muscle mass begins to decline in their twenties. Botox is considered safe for anyone age 18 – 65.

Botox results for crows feet wrinkles & frown lines| Patient results- before and after

Botox helped this patient achieve a smoother looking forehead as well as enormously improved crows feet wrinkles.*


How to determine if you should get Botox

The answer is entirely up to you. It is natural to want to enhance your looks and always best to do what makes you happy – and not for anyone else. Even if a significant other is offering to cover the bill, don’t get it unless you truly want to. If you are constantly frowning about your looks -and keep in mind those frowns may be causing more wrinkles – or desire to look a bit younger you may want to consider Botox. It’s always best to start with one area, perhaps the cheeks or under eyes, and see if that is enough to maintain satisfaction.

Concerns Over Young Women and Botox

(image: Flickr Creative Commons) Young women are facing the pressure to maintain flawless wrinkle free skin.*

Note: Because the Botox medicine is protein-based, those with protein allergies should avoid the procedure. Pregnant women also should not get Botox.

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