One should not have to rely on eye liner every day to achieve fuller and shapely looking eyebrows; for men who desire thicker eyebrows this is usually not even an option. Most people naturally lose brow hairs over time. This may be due to hormones or other factors such as plucking, threading or over waxing. Those who are concerned about thinning eyebrows, had some trauma to their upper eyelid area or just want a thicker brow may want to consider Eyebrow Transplantation, a solution that does not rub off in the shower.

Eyebrow extensions are a growing trend and many beauty salons now offer the service. Eyebrow extensions, which has been widely used among celebrities to enhance looks, are now marketed towards consumers who want a low maintenance grooming routine. It is easy to confuse eyebrow extensions with eyebrow transplantation; but there is a major difference. Here are some key differences:

Eyebrow Transplantation                                          Eyebrow Extension

Permanent                                                                             Last 2-3 weeks

Performed by a Physician                                                    Performed by a Licensed Beautician

It is important to understand these differences before choosing a procedure.

The Process of Eyebrow Extensions and Eyebrow Transplantation

The process of eyebrow extensions consists of gluing individual strands of hair, usually around 300 strands, to existing brow hair or skin. The process generally takes about one hour, and the results last for 2-3 weeks. Those who want to switch up their look for a wedding or other special occasion may prefer this method. However, those who don’t have the time to sit for an extended period or come in for repeat sessions every few weeks, should consider a procedure that yields longer lasting results. Also keep in mind that repeated eyebrow extensions can cause permanent loss of the natural eyebrows overtime.

Before and After Brooke Shields Inspired Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

Patient featured on Good Morning America segment on eyebrow hair transplant surgery*

Eyebrow transplantation is permanent. Hair is harvested from the nape head or leg to complete the transplantation. Leg hair usually produces permanent results, while nape and head hair may last a few months before they begin to shed. Eyebrow transplantation produces very natural looking results. Dr. U actually found that leg hair produces the most natural results. The hair tends to be thinner and better emulates the native eyebrow hair. Once eyebrow transplantation is completed, eyebrow hairs in the treated areas will begin to grow. Eyebrows may even achieve more fullness and thickness than the natural brow did in the past.

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