Rosacea is a condition marked by skin redness. While it often affects the face, it can occur on other parts of the body as well. The patient in this video was diagnosed as having an atypical form of rosacea. He sought the help of Dr. Umar because the redness on his chest seemed to be getting worse.

Vbeam Laser For Clearing Rosacea

The patient was treated with the Vbeam laser which is an excellent treatment for Rosacea. It is a pulsed dye system where laser energy is administered as short, quick bursts. The patient usually feels a sensation similar to a snapping rubber band.

The Vbeam laser uses  wavelengths in the range of 585-595nm which is easily absorbed by the oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood. Use of a specific wavelength for a particular treatment enables a highly targeted treatment that does not affect surrounding areas of tissue. Once inside the blood vessels, the laser energy seals them off so that they are no longer functional. The body’s natural waste disposal system then eliminates them.

Does IPL Work For Helping Rosacea Patients?

Although IPL is also offered as a Rosacea treatment, it is not specialized for the purpose of clearing skin redness. IPL uses several different wavelengths to help with general improvements in the skin’s appearance.  The results are less predictable than applications with the Vbeam laser.

Patient’s Vbeam Experience for Treating Chest Rosacea

Prior to applying the Vbeam laser as a formal treatment on this patient’s chest, Dr. Umar tested two different settings on different areas of skin. Since there were no adverse effects from this, Dr. Umar decided to treat the entire chest area. Three sessions were needed to completely clear the skin and eliminate the redness.

Treatment of Chest Rosacea|Vbeam Laser Treatment Results

Successful Rosacea treatment results on the chest.*

Rosacea Patient| Results of Treatment

Patient discusses his experience with the Vbeam laser in his video interview.*

Before and After Video

Some of the Rosacea had spread to the neck area. In the video, Dr. Umar applied the Vbeam exclusively to the chest. In comparing the two areas, the effectiveness of the treatment is quite evident. The chest had resumed its normal skin color, while the neck had remained red.

In addition to Rosacea, the Vbeam laser is also ideal for facial flushing as well as Poikiloderma.

Rosacea Treatments For Los Angeles Patients

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