This patient in Los Angeles received Radiesse injections to get rid of laugh lines.

The movement of muscles in the face due to laughing or smiling can cause the development of creases around the sides of the mouth. Over time, these creases become more deeply etched in the skin.

Radiesse is an injection that is made of a calcium compound that is a lab derived replication of the version that is found naturally in our bodies. It can act as a basic filler for wrinkles. Or it can be used to correct structures in the skin and even the nose. Results can last up to a year.

The microspheres form a lattice like matrix below the skin’s surface which helps provide structural support in targeted areas once the gel is shaped by the physician into its desired form. Results can last up to a year. During this time, the Radiesse particles help new collagen fibers to develop, which contributes to the skin’s firmness.

According to the patient in the video, the lines around her mouth were deeper and more sunken in appearance before the procedure. She saw results instantly after treatment.

She reported that she did not experience pain or lumps from the procedure, which she described as “very pleasant.”

Interestingly, other people noticed a difference in her appearance, noting that she looked happier.

Radiesse Fills Laugh Lines| New Look For Patient

Before and after photos. Due to Radiesse, this patient now has a more youthful appearance in the lower face.*

Radiesse Laugh Line Procedures For Patients in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Radiesse treatments are available at Fine Touch Dermatology for the treatment of laugh lines as well as other cosmetic applications.

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