This patient was interested in clearing her existing acne as well as the acne scars on the face. She felt very self conscious about her skin and therefore relied everyday on foundation to conceal the redness and irregularities in her skin texture.

Dr. U’s Laser Treatment Strategy For Patient’s Acne and Scars

Dr. U decided to use two lasers to meet this patient’s goals. First, it was essential to prevent additional acne from forming. Therefore, the Spectra laser was applied in the first phase of her treatment to get her acne under control.

In the next phase, Dr. U used Fraxel Dual to address the scarring. This laser uses both the Ergium 1550 nm wavelength which is able to address the scar tissue at deeper layers of the dermis. Heat from the laser triggers the formation of new collagen fibers

Fraxel Dual also has another mode, the Thulium 1927 wavelength to clear the melanin which contributes to brown spots and blemishes.

Clear Complexion| Acne Scar Treatment Results

Patient showing a clear complexion following her Fraxel Dual treatment series*

This particular patient underwent two sessions. As evident from the side by side comparison photos, there is a significant difference between the before and after pictures. The patient’s skin achieved the level of clarity that she wanted. And other people even noticed this difference as well.

Conquering Acne Scars|Patient's Before and After Images

This patient was able to significantly overcome her acne and scarring condition through the use of lasers.*

Information on Acne Scar Treatment Options for Los Angeles Patients

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