Liposuction removes fat cells permanently. It can be an effective procedure for certain types of patients who are not able to get rid of unwanted body weight on their own, through diet and exercise.

The procedure in this video was done by Dr Umar at his Los Angeles office in Redondo beach. The procedure is  minimally invasive. What’s more is that it is a safer method since it utilizes no general anesthesia. Thus the risk of serious complications is greatly reduced.

Instead, Dr. Umar uses a local tumescent anesthesia. This is where a pre-made solution of lidocaine and epinephrine is injected into the target fatty tissue area before it is removed. The blood vessels are then constricted to reduce bleeding and pain.

Tiny incisions are made to insert the suction cannula. And the small wound sizes promotes more ideal looking forms of healing at the cosmetic level.

Additionally, patients are able to return to their usual routines within a week after their procedure.

Real Life Patient’s Liposuction Experience

Fat Removal on Patient's Thighs|Before and After Liposuction

Patient with thinner, slimmer thighs after her liposuction procedure performed by Dr. U*

The patient in this video was concerned about stubborn bulges in the lower abdomen and thighs, as well as uneven contours of the thighs. Very tiny stab wounds made for the suction cannula entry heal uneventfully. The results are natural and fulfilling to the patients.

Lipsuction performed in this manner is commonly referred to as “liposculture,” since the contour of the patient’s body is altered for a slimmer look. Although liposculpture can also be performed with zerona slimming lasers, mesotherapy, lipodissolve and other comparative methods, the results are not as effective as when liposuction is used.

Front and Back View |Liposuction Results on Los Angeles Patient

Front and back view of liposuction results seen on patient who sought fat removal on the thighs and abdomen*