Dr. Umar used the Spectra VRMIII Laser to completely get rid of this patient’s tattoo.  This video shows the before and after images of the procedure. Only three treatments were needed.  After the first treatment, the skin became very red. It is also common to see crusting from the laser’s innervation. This eventually sloughs off. After the second treatment, the tattoo had faded considerably. And after the third treatment, the tattoo was completely gone. The patient was quite pleased that no pain was involved. And she no longer has to hide her arm  by wearing longer sleeves to work.

Dr. Umar was also able to remove a small tattoo from the patient’s hand using only one treatment

Before and After Photos – Clearing Away Black Arm Tattoo With Laser

Laser Tattoo Removal| What A Treatment Session Is Like

Dr. U using the Spectra laser to get rid of tattoo lettering on the patient’s upper arm.*

Successful Tattoo Removal| Black Arm Tattoo Lettering

Patient is very happy with the success of her laser tattoo removal treatment*

Laser Tattoo Removal| Photos of First and Second Treatment

Photos showing the results of patient’s first and second laser tattoo removal sessions*


Removing Tattoo|After Third Laser Session

Patient achieved a very successful result after her laser tattoo removal treatment.*

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

The Spectra laser  is considered to be the gold standard in tattoo removal procedures. This is an Nd:YAG system which uses a lab derived crystal as the medium for producing the laser beam. The main wavelength is 1064nm, which is safe for darker skin since it is not easily absorbed by melanin. Therefore, there is less risk that the skin will overheat which results in permanent scars. There are also accessory hand pieces which can apply other wavelengths that are able to remove other colors. So the Spectra laser is able to address multi-colored tattoos.

Laser light is absorbed by the ink pigment. Different wavelengths are absorbed by different colors. The pigment is broken up into smaller fragments, which the body is able to eliminate. This process takes several weeks. Laser tattoo removal sessions are usually scheduled 3-8 weeks apart to allow time for the body to remove the ink particles. The number of sessions needed can be predicted using the Kirby-Desai scale and depends on the location of the tattoo, skin type,the amount of ink, layering, scarring, and the colors involved.

Dr. Umar explains that professional tattoos are difficult to remove because they are established deep below the skin’s surface.  This is why longer wavelengths (e.g. 1064nm) are especially helpful in reaching pigments that are embedded in lower layers of the dermis.

Patient’s Video – No More Tattoo and New Sense of Freedom

From this patient’s video, it is clear that she is ecstatic with her results. She can now go to work with shorter sleeves now that her arm tattoo is gone.  This is a great example which shows that unwanted tattoo mistakes can be turned around through the expert use of laser.

Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures For Los Angeles Patients

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