Eyebrow hair thinning is prevalent among women as they age. This is a result of changes in hormone levels as well as other aspects of their physiology.

Although eyebrow transplant procedures has been an available option, scarring is a big risk. Because of this, the patient on this segment decided to get her brows tattooed instead.  However, this requires regular maintenance since the tattoo ink tends to fade. She was looking for a more permanent solution and sought the help of Dr. Umar for his specialized hair transplant technique which gives lasting results with no scarring. Hairs are individually transferred from the back of the neck. In this particular area, hair has the same texture as eyebrows. So this gives the most natural looking results.

The process was featured on the Los Angeles news station, KNBC4 with Dr. Bruce Hensel, the Chief Health Medical and Science correspondent and editor. He is a practicing physician himself and regularly covers health issues and medical breakthroughs.