Radiesse is a dermal filler with unique properties. Not only does it fill in wrinkles, it also offers the ability to make structural corrections as well.

The Radiesse injection gel is made of calcium hydroxyapatite particles. Once it is injected below the skin, it can be shaped by the physician into the desired form. The microspheres made of the calcium compound form a scaffold which provides the needed structural support. It also promotes the formation of new collagen fibers by supplying components necessary for this development.

How Radiesse Improves Jowls

Radiesse| Non-Surgical Solution For Jowls

Radiesse has the ability to improve structural contours on the face, including jowls.*

The Los Angeles patient in the video received Radiesse injections because she was concerned about the grooves below her eyes and the early onset of jowls.

The under eye area is subject to displaying signs of aging in various forms. Bags under the eyes develop in some individuals. And others see the need for correction in this area due to the hollow appearance below the eyes which makes them look less energetic and youthful. The patient in the video however wanted to address the formation of grooves beneath her eyes.

The second area she wanted to address were jowls. Jowls form due to sagging fat and muscle tissue. Because this is a structural facial issue, Radiesse was recommended as the best treatment.

Radiesse for Jowls and Frown Line Crease- Watch Patient’s Video

Jowl Removal Without Surgery| Radiesse Treatment on Los Angeles Patient

Los Angeles patient was able to achieve a natural looking effect through her Radiesse procedure for reducing the appearance of her jowls*

Close Up| Jowl Reduction Without Surgery - Radiesse Used on Los Angeles Patient

Close up view – Radiesse was able to dramatically reduce the appearance of this patient’s jowls.*

Frown line treatment between brows| Use of Radiesse

Radiesse succeeded in reducing the severity of patient’s frown line crease between her brows.*

Watch Patient’s Before and After Video – Use of Radiesse For Jowls and Frown Line

For this particular patient, Radiesse was able to offer an effective solution for the jowls and the under eye grooves. The video shows the before and after results.

Radiesse Procedures For Patients In Los Angeles

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