Los Angeles dermatologists use Radiesse as a non-surgical rhinoplasty alternative for certain cases

Los Angeles dermatologists use Radiesse as a non-surgical rhinoplasty alternative for certain cases

The decision to undergo surgical rhinoplasty is one that requires serious consideration since the procedure is quite costly and the results are permanent.

However, if you are not happy with your nose, Radiesse injections might be a suitable alternative to a nose job, but without the surgery.

Radiesse – For Improving Facial Contours

Radiesse is a dermal injection made of calcium hydroxyapatite particles suspended in a gel medium.  Calcium hyroxyapatite is a compound that is naturally found in our bones. Once it is injected beneath the skins surface, the practitioner then molds it into the shape that is needed.   The particles form a structural matrix that stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers. This property makes it suitable for correcting structural issues in the face.

When Can Radiesse Be Used for Reshaping the Nose

Los Angeles dermatologists use Radiesse injections to achieve the corrective objectives of a nose job without surgery.  However, since there are many ways for reshaping the nose, there are only certain cases where Radiesse might the ideal recommendation. For example, it can create a straighter contour for noses with a bump or other form of deviation.  It can also correct noses with a droopy tip. Radiesse can even be used to form a higher nose bridge.

There are other types of nose corrections where the patient wishes to reduce the size or width of their nose.  Some people want a smaller slimmer shape. Others may want to eliminate or reshape the bulb at the end of their nose.  Radiesse will not be able to help in cases that require the elimination of tissue.

Since injections last 12-18 months, using Radiesse as a nose job alternative can be a suitable way to experiment with a particular nose shape.  There are many cases where patients are unhappy with the results of their rhinoplasty, which of course is permanent. So the opportunity to see if a particular nose shape will work for one’s overall appearance can be quite valuable in the long term.

And for those individuals who ended up with unsatisfactory rhinoplasty outcomes, Radiesse injections can also be used to make corrections and refine the shape of the nose where it is needed.

The average cost of treatment sessions runs between $900 to about $1500. However the financial considerations of Radiesse make it a far more economical option compared to surgical nose job costs which are usually around $4500-$8,000.

So if you are not emotionally or financially prepared to commit to an actual rhinoplasty procedure, Radiesse is certainly an option that can produce wonderful results for the time being.