Through college, persisting acne and resulting acne scars were a problem for this patient. She came to Dr. U. hoping he could offer a better solution than failed past treatments.

Spectra Laser and the Prevention of New Acne Development

Dr. U began with the Spectra laser and a few medications to get rid of the acne, which the patient says was mostly gone after two laser treatments. Although many patients feel enormously self conscious about their acne scars, it is important to first stop new acne from forming.

Dr. U uses the Spectra laser to control the existing active acne. This prevents the formation of new scar tissue.  Laser energy is capable of unblocking deep seated blocks, eradicating bacteria to prevent inflammation and even reducing the activity of oil glands by burning away the outer layer.

Within one month, Dr. Umar started on the removing the acne scars using the Fraxel Dual laser. Both acne lasers used were particularly ideal for this patient because they’re safe on darker skin tones.

Laser Acne Treatment| African American Skin

Patient experienced major improvement in her skin as a result of her acne and scar treatment with laser*

Patient's Face| Before and After Acne Treatment With Spectra Laser

Patient who achieved enormous success with her acne scar treatment by first addressing her existing, active acne.*

Patient’s Video

Treating existing acne as the first step prepares the skin for optimal acne scar treatment results. Five months after the treatment, the patient is happy and acne-free. “I love my skin now,” she says.


Getting Rid of Acne and Acne Scars- Information for Los Angeles Patients

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