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Fraxel Dual Corrects Acne Scarring- Before and After Video

This patient’s ongoing struggle with severe acne vulgaris and the subsequent scarring is finally over. She presented to Dr. Umar of the Los Angeles-based dermatology office, Fine Touch Dermatology, in hopes of having her problem skin corrected once and for all. The first phase was a mixture of therapies with the Spectra laser and some

Acne Condition in Young Woman

Importance of Stopping Acne Before Treating Scars – Use of Spectra Laser

Through college, persisting acne and resulting acne scars were a problem for this patient. She came to Dr. U. hoping he could offer a better solution than failed past treatments. Spectra Laser and the Prevention of New Acne Development Dr. U began with the Spectra laser and a few medications to get rid of the