Before & After Laser For Severe Acne Case

Which Celebrities Have Had To Battle Acne?

Hollywood stars are only human. Although they may look flawless on camera, this depiction is not always accurate compared to how they appear in real life. Much of what we see is the result of makeup and digital imaging edits. In fact, there are many celebrities who have had to struggle considerably with acne. June

Acne| Finding A Treatment for Stubborn Conditions

Fraxel Dual Corrects Acne Scarring- Before and After Video

This patient’s ongoing struggle with severe acne vulgaris and the subsequent scarring is finally over. She presented to Dr. Umar of the Los Angeles-based dermatology office, Fine Touch Dermatology, in hopes of having her problem skin corrected once and for all. The first phase was a mixture of therapies with the Spectra laser and some

Acne Condition in Young Woman

Importance of Stopping Acne Before Treating Scars – Use of Spectra Laser

Through college, persisting acne and resulting acne scars were a problem for this patient. She came to Dr. U. hoping he could offer a better solution than failed past treatments. Spectra Laser and the Prevention of New Acne Development Dr. U began with the Spectra laser and a few medications to get rid of the