This patient wanted to get rid of the deep crease between her eyebrows. She sought Dr. U’s help.

Choosing Dysport to Relax Frown Line Muscles

Dr. U recommended the injection of Dysport which is a Botox alternative.  Once the serum is administered (injected to the corrugator muscles at the medial ends of the eyebrows) the underlying muscles relax, and the frown lines on the surface become smooth. Although Dysport is very similar to Botox, there are slight molecular differences with the protein attachments. And many experts believe that this is responsible for differences in duration and performance that have been observed in controlled studies and anecdotal reports.

Some patients will experience the results they want with Dysport. Others may find Botox to be the better choice.  Choosing one over the other often rests on actual individual experience. The appropriate product can be chosen depending on the results that are observed.

Before and After Photos of Patient’s Results

No More Frown Line| Dysport Treatment Photos of Patient

Patient is pleased with Dypsort’s results in getting rid of the frown line between her brows.*

Softened Frown Line| Dysport Results on Patient

Patient is pleased that Dysport reduced the vertical furrowed crease*

Close Up of Frown Line Reduction| Before and After Photos

Dysport succeeded in helping patient get rid of the unwanted frown line between her brows.*

Patient’s Video – Dysport Gets Rid of Vertical Crease on Forehead

The patient is now frown-line-free and happy with Dr. U’s work.  Like most individuals who choose medical treatment for vertical frown lines,  she felt that addressing this issue would make their facial expressions appear less harsh, especially in social situations. Dysport helped her achieve her goals.

Dysport Procedures For Los Angeles Patients

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