Radiesse is an injectible synthetic implant for your skin composed of practically microscopic globules.  Consisting of calcium hydroxylapatite, also known as CaHA, these spheres are suspended in a water based gel. The injenction is then delivered via tiny needles.  CaHA is broken down by the body over time and naturally runs its course through the human metabolism.  Because this treatment is not permanent, follow-up procedures can be set up to keep up your fight against wrinkles.

Beyond Wrinkles – Facial Contouring Applications With Radiesse

Radiesse can be used beneath the eyes to diminish the appearance of darkness and fine lines. Also, it can be used to restore volume in nasolabial folds for a plumper, more youthful look in the lower face.

As a dermal filler, Radiesse can be used to improve facial contours such as the cheeks, chin and nose. Since the calcium component is in the form of tiny particles, the injection mass can be molded to improve the shape and visual appeal of such areas.

Straightening Procedure| Nose Contouring With Radiesse

Patient was able to straighten the contour of her nose using the Radiesse filler.*

It takes the body up to 3 years, and no less than 1 year before the Radiesse runs its course.  However, by this time the body will have constructed new forms of collagen in the region where the Radiesse was applied.