Gravity can take a toll on some, especially as the age numbers increase. This is a fact of life. One may have thought their appearance is something they have to accept.  But now there are options to reverse these effects, even in one’s mature  years. There may be a variety of well marketed beauty products and cosmetic treatments. But Radiesse is able to provide incomparable results for different regions of the face in just a matter of minutes.

Radiesse – An Amazing Dermal Filler

Radiesse  can offer a non-surgical cheek lift that allows one to walk in-an -out of the clinic the same day.

The applications of Radiesse  do not stop with just the cheeks. At DermHair clinic, Dr. Umar uses the filler to correct:

  • Under eye wrinkles
  • Dark circles beneath the eyes
  • Laugh lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Nasal bridge
  • Chin
  • Mild to moderate jowls

Radiesse services all of these areas of the face that may need some extra refinement.

There may be more than one region of the face to target. For example, cheeks may be addressed at the same time as nasolabial folds or the undereye region. At some point, the cheeks may begin to appear droopy. It could be due to age. Or this characteristic may simply be a part of a person’s original appearance. Either way one does not have to endure an invasive surgical procedure to give the cheeks a subtle natural looking lift.

 How Does Radiesse Work?

Some of you may be wondering, how does this filler work?

Radiesse can best be described as a liquid facelift. The solution is composed of tiny calcium based microspheres, called calcium hydroxlyapatite. These unique particles can actually lift and provide structure instead of just filling increases and depressions in the face.

What many people do not know is that calcium hydroxlyapatite is a natural compound that exists in bones, which is a building block of collagen fibers. Therefore, injections of this compound work to catalyze the chemical process of synthesizing collagen by supplying this key component.

The injected particles create a scaffold layer under the skin, as they adjust in different densities and configurations. Once this is done, they will conform to the surrounding areas of the tissue. This is how a natural look is achieved in soft and firmer areas of the face.

The solution is injected into the needed areas, while not interfering with other regions of the face.Through a highly targeted approach, subtle looking improvements can be achieved. This helps prevent an excessive and over processed appearance in the final results.

Duration of Radiesse

Many people are concerned about how long Radiesse injections last. Typically, the filler remains for 12-18 months. Therefore, it is not a permanent fix.

With each session, it is possible for the physician to modify the filler to suit the patient’s face as it changes over time. These ongoing adjustments offer an excellent strategy for maintaining a natural looking appearance as the individual ages.

Dr. U evaluates every patient at the initial consultation to provide direction an overall vision and better serve those looking to improve their appearance.

Radiesse for cheeks and tear troughs

Los Angeles patient underwent treatment with Radiesse for cheek refinement and to get rid of dark undereye circles.*