As you approach middle age, you lose volume all over your face. With a thin face, the signs of aging are much more apparent. While Botox injections minimize the appearance of wrinkles, dermal fillers are needed to restore volume. The look of youth is reflected with a “baby face” with plump cheeks and sag-free skin. Achieving a baby face with a non-surgical cheek lift creates this youthful look by adding volume to the face and plump cheekbones.


A proportional balance of facial features reflects beauty and youth. Full, rounded cheeks also equate youth and vitality. With aging, cheekbones lose volume and cheeks begin to sag. Facial volume loss also results in contour changes.

This volume loss may cause a bony, gaunt look when in the cheek region of the mid-face. To counteract the aging process, many now opt for dermal fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse and Juvéderm. The procedure for restoring the look of fuller cheekbones without surgery.  Rather than a surgical procedure or facelift, the non-surgical cheek lift allows for immediate results with virtually no downtime.


Dermatologists were once more prone to simply just fill wrinkles rather than adding volume to the whole face to achieve the desired youthful, healthy look. However, the look of a baby face with a non-surgical cheek lift also softens cheeks and achieves lift of the nasolabial folds, which are also known as smile lines or parentheses. The wrinkles form around natural smile creases from the lower tips of the nose curving out, then down just below the mouth folds near the mouth.

Restoring Facial Volume| Non-Surgical Cheek Lift With Radiesse

Los Angeles patient before and after her Radiesse injections to achieve a baby face with a non-surgical cheek lift.*

Many dermatologists use the term “triangle of youth” to describe a youthful face. If you drew a line across the highest part of the cheeks across the face to the top of the ears, then down the sides to the chin, the widest part of triangle on the face would be at the cheeks. With age, the mid-face volume deficit occurs in varying degrees. Soft tissue loss under cheeks results in bony contours of the cheekbone region.

Cheekbones also recede and get smaller as the skeletal structure thins. The medial fat pad of plump cheeks becomes smaller and moves down. Aging also leads to slowing collagen production, which makes skin radiant, thick and firm. The “triangle of youth” then gets flipped where the jawline may be the widest area of the triangle.

A baby face with a non-surgical cheek lift is sometimes known as a liquid facelift. The cosmetic procedure may also address the surrounding eye area if it looks hollow with dark circles. Non-surgical blepharoplasty is sometimes done in conjunction to also improve the eye area.

The dermal fillers are injected at specific points on the cheek area to lift the cheek pads. This creates the baby face with volume and plump, high cheeks. Which formulation of the dermal filler used depends on your goals and needs.