Fraxel laser is a trade name for a group of laser technologies that have been designed to address a wide range of aesthetic issues in skin rejuvenation:

  • Wrinkles (fine lines and deep furrows)
  • large pores
  • Pigmentation
  • Sun spots
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Moles
  • Birthmarks
  • Skin Texture
  • Stretch marks
  • Sun induced redness
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Scarring

How Fraxel Laser Works

Concentrated, monochromatic light waves can penetrate the skin to actually restructure the affected tissue. These points of penetration form “microscopic laser columns.” This allows a high level of precision in targeting specific areas of the skin, helping it to rebuild from the inside out.

With “fractional” targeting, surrounding areas are able to be left undisturbed and patients are able to heal faster with less downtime, as opposed to treating the entire skin surface all at once.

Fraxel lasers work either through ablative or non-ablative processes. In ablative procedures, the outer layer of the skin is removed in order to allow newer cells to surface. Non-ablative processes work by having laser beams focus on deeper layers of the dermis to stimulate collagen restructuring and renewal which results in firmer, tighter skin.

Los Angeles Fraxel Dual

Fraxel Dual is a recent advance in cosmetic laser technology. There are essentially two treatment modalities associated with this Fraxel laser.

  1. 1550 nm Erbium wavelength is able to penetrate the skin at deeper layers so that it can affect collagen structures as well as induce the formation of new collagen.
  2. 1927 nm Thulium wavelength addresses surface issues. Prior to the development of Fraxel Dual, this setting existed as a separate treatment technology known as Fraxel Re:fine. Basically this wavelength is used for refining the skin’s surface, addressing pigmentation issues and superficial lines.

In many cases the effectiveness of the Erbium wavelength enables patients to bypass the need for ablative procedures. It has shown to be quite effective in reducing the appearance of deep lines and improving the overall texture of the skin.

Because the Erbium wavelength is able to remodel collagen structures, it is an ideal solution for acne scars, where the tissue is created from densely packed cross linked collagen fibers. Acne scars result from the body’s attempt to heal itself by treating the acne inflammation as an injury.

This patient in Los Angeles received Fraxel laser treatments to help clear the acne scars on her face. The 1550 nm wavelength improved of the Fraxel Dual system significantly improved the appearance of her acne scars. And the 1927nm wavelength helped clear her blemishes.

Fraxel laser

Los Angeles patient before Fraxel Dual treatment for acne scars*

Here is a picture of the same patient after her skin was treated by Fraxel Dual.

Fraxel laser

Los Angeles patient after Fraxel Dual treatment for acne scars*

In addition to these benefits, the emergence of Fraxel Dual has made it possible for patients with darker skin types to receive the benefits of cosmetic laser treatments without the risk of permanent scarring.

Downtime is roughly 6-10 days, but it is largely contingent on the nature of the treatment.

The patient in the following video successfully ridded herself of severe age/sun spots with this Fraxel laser:

Los Angeles Fraxel Re:Pair

Fraxel Re:Pair/Fraxel Repair uses a 10,600nm wavelength to offer fractional, ablative treatments for:

–          Deep wrinkles and furrows

–          Fine lines

–          Rhytides

–          Pigmented lesions

–          Irregular skin texture

–          Vascular dyschromia

It was considered to be a major advancement in cosmetic lasers, compared to the older CO2 laser, which also works through ablation. However the CO2 laser works uniformly across the skin and does not penetrate as deeply as Fraxel re:pair, which works vertically through microscopic treatment zones in the dermis.  The skin tightens immediately as a result. Downtime with the Fraxel laser is about 1 week. Downtime with the C02 laser is about 2.5 to 4 weeks.

Here is a video example of a patient that benefited from fraxel repair treatment for wrinkles:

Los Angeles Fraxel SR 1500

Fraxel SR 1500 is also known as Fraxel SRII. It was released in 2006. Prior to this, there was a model of this Fraxel laser in 2002.

Fraxel SR 1500 is able to penetrate the skin 30% deeper than Fraxel I. The results are comparative to ablative procedures without the need for ablation to take place.

It is considered to be highly effective for the following presentations:

  • Pores
  • Wrinkles
  • Age Spots
  • Brown Spots
  • Melasma
  • Acne scars

Usually 3-6 treatments are needed. Each session lasts about 30-45 minutes. Erbium YAG pulses make it possible for patients to experience little to no downtime. Fraxel SR1500 delivers treatment procedures that are safe and effective with minimal discomfort.


The Fraxel laser family offers tremendous advancements over previous generations of cosmetic laser technologies. The ability of laser wavelengths to work fractionally, as opposed to uniformly at deeper levels of the skin reduces the need for ablation. However the needs of each patient are quite unique and different. Some cases may require ablation for optimal results and others may not. Overall results are relatively quick with little downtime involved.

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