Voluminous lips are a highly coveted aesthetic facial feature. They represent a youthful face and add symmetry to the face. However, thin lips may create a more harsh appearance. Whether resulting from genetics or aging, many now opt for a lip enlargement treatment. Injectable lip augmentation techniques with hyaluronic acid products are one of the most popular ways to achieve larger lips.

Temporary lip enlargement is performed quickly in a medical office with little to no downtime. Results typically last from six months to one year. The hyaluronic acid-like formulations have replaced older treatments with collagen.


A golden rule in lips is the lower lip should be about one and a half times larger than the upper lip. Hyaluronic acid fillers can improve the appearance of lips by adding:

  1. Volume
  2. Structure
  3. Shape

Three of the most popular brands of lip injectables include Restylane, Belotero and Juvéderm. Additional benefits of injectables include:

  • Even out crooked lips
  • Eliminate the vertical wrinkles around lips
  • Defining the border of lips
  • Correcting scarring or other trauma


In addition to lip size, lip shape is also important to consider prior to a lip enlargement. Five planes exist on the lips that give them shape, definition and structure. The five planes are also used to determine the results of a lip enhancement treatment. They include:

  • 1. Top left
  • 2. Top right
  • 3. Top central
  • 4. Bottom left
  • 5. Bottom right
los angeles lip enhancement beautiful result

Juvéderm was used for lip enhancement.*

Natural lip shape should be considered when selecting a lip enlargement. Five lip enlargement shapes are the most popular, which differ in where the injectables are places.

Classic Lip Augmentation:

This augmentation adds subtle volume without altering the natural shape. A small amount of filler is used on each plane.


This augmentation is similar to the classic augmentation but is more dramatic overall. Each plane is injected with more filler.


This augmentation restores a youthful volume and adds fullness to the center of lips. It defines the “cupid’s bow.”


This augmentation adds fullness to the top lip and creates a “curl” to the shape.


This augmentation adds volume to the three upper planes for a Hollywood-esque shape.


This augmentation adds volume to the lower two planes and creates a “cleft.”


An injectable lip enhancement procedure will cost about $825 on average. Due to the nuances of lips, the choice in doctors dramatically alters the results. Therefore it’s important to choose one who is both skilled and artistic in his or her approach. It’s advised to consult with a board certified dermatologist prior to a treatment to discuss goals and expectations.