Skin’s volume loss, elasticity loss, and the appearance of wrinkles and folds result from aging, sun damage and other environmental factors. Aging and genetics also affect volume loss in the lips. However, Belotero lip injections for lip enhancement and Belotero smile lines treatment can reverse the signs of aging and improve appearance.

Voluminous lips are a facial feature that is highly coveted since they signify a youthful face. Voluminous lips also add symmetry to the face. On the contrary, thin lips may create a harsher appearance. Belotero lip injections for lip enhancement can improve the issue, whether you have thin lips due to genetics or aging. Belotero is also ideal for lip lines and wrinkles as an effective Belotero smile lines treatment, in addition to Belotero as a lip enlargement treatment.


Lip augmentation and smile lines treatments with hyaluronic acid-like products such as Belotero are one of the most popular procedure methods. Hyaluronic acid is protective, lubricating and binding produced naturally in your body. Belotero is the latest innovation in injectable dermal fillers, which the FDA approved in November 2011.

Nonsurgical Belotero treatments achieve larger lips and eliminate lip lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid-like formulations have replaced older lip enhancement treatments previously done with collagen. Three of the most popular brands of lip injectables include Restylane, Belotero and Juvéderm.

Belotero is a transparent hyaluronic acid gel also suitable for injection close to the nose and mouth for superficial lip lines and wrinkles and smile lines. A golden rule in lips is the lower lip should be about one and a half times larger than the upper lip.

Belotero can improve the appearance of lips by adding:

  • Volume
  • Structure
  • Shape

Additional benefits of injectables include:

  • Scarring or other trauma correction
  • Defining lip border 
  • Eliminating lip lines and wrinkles
  • Evening out crooked lips
Los Angeles Belotero and Lip Enhancement

Besides Juvederm, Belotero may be another option to consider for lip enhancement procedures*

Lip injection cost for Belotero lip injections for lip enhancement typically averages $825 per treatment. Due to the nuances of lips, the choice in a dermatologist dramatically alters the results. Dr. Umar of Fine Touch Dermatology is both skilled and artistic in his approach to lip enhancement and voluminous lips.

Temporary lip enlargement with Belotero lip injection is quick cosmetic treatment with little to no downtime. Results typically last from six months to one year.

In Belotero Lip Injections for Lip Enhancement and Belotero Smile Lines Treatment: Part 2, we’ll discuss the benefits of Belotero treatment for lip lines and wrinkles.