Split earlobes are a common issue that occurs in those who have their ears pierced.

The initial hole becomes elongated when heavy earrings pull them downward.

However the reason why earlobes actually split have been somewhat of a mystery. This is because there are women in other countries who wear heavy gold earrings and end up with  stretched earlobes which do not split.

Histopathological research suggests that split earlobes are likely caused by allergic reactions to the metals used in the earrings.

Of course, other causes can include accidental or deliberate trauma inflicted by pulling the earrings.

Split Earlobe Reconstruction Procedures – How They Work

Split earlobe repair procedures requires renewing the split edges with surgical tools. They are then stitched together to reconstruct the earlobe at three levels:

1) skin on the front facing side

2) soft tissue insidethe earlobe

3) skin on back part of earlobe

Although the general protocol is the same, every patient has different shaped earlobes due to their genetics.  There can be challenges in making the final result cosmetically acceptable if the patient has:

1) large earlobes

2) smaller than average earlobes

The overall procedure lasts about one or two hours. And patients remain awake after being given local anesthesia.

After the surgery, the patient will have stitches fo seven days. This amount of time is needed for the earlobe tissue to heal. Then the sutures can be removed.

Los Angeles Split Earlobe Repair Patient -Results

Here is an example of a Los Angeles patient who wanted to repair her torn earlobes:

los-angeles-split-earlobe-repair before repair

Los Angeles patient’s ear before her earlobe reconstruction*

Dr. Umar was able to repair this damage and reconstruct her earlobe to approximate the original shape and form.

split earlobe repair result in a los angeles patient

Los Angeles patient results of her earlobe reconstruction procedure*

Before and After Split Earlobe Treatment in Redondo Beach CA

before and after images of split earlobe repair*

Consultations For Split Earlobe Repair

Split earlobe repair procedures are available at Fine Touch Dermatology for patients in the greater Los Angeles area.

Interested individuals are invited to visit us for a free initial consultation.  To get started, fill out our online consultation form at the top of the page. We can also be reached directly at 877-337-6424 to schedule an appointment.