Holiday Gifting|Giving Botox To Friends and Relatives

How Botox and Other Procedures Are Becoming More Popular As Holiday Gifts

In recent years, more men and women have been thinking outside the box when it comes to gift giving. Literally. Instead of items that can be wrapped such as perfume, makeup palettes, scarves, jewelry and other forms of merchandise, people are giving vouchers or gift cards for Botox and other types of cosmetic procedures. The

Skin Treatments in Los Angeles

Can Gold Be Used As An Effective Treatment For Wrinkles

One of the most talked about trends in anti-aging is the use of gold as an ingredient in high end skin products. Here are a few examples: – Gratiae Gold Elements – Oro Gold 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum – Alpha-H Liquid Gold Anti-Aging Peel – Umo 24K Gold Facial – Gold Camilla Body Oil A

Radiesse| Filling Laugh Lines Around Nose & Mouth

Is It Possible to Overfill the Laugh Lines

The term laugh lines can refer to a couple different types of wrinkles. For example, crows feet can appear on the face when a person laughs. But perhaps more commonly, laugh lines are the grooves that develop around the nose and mouth. They are also known as nasolabial folds. Nasolabial folds develop when the face

Temporary Tattoos| Avoiding Laser Tattoo Removal

Would You Choose Temporary Tattoos To Avoid the Need For Laser Removal?

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you may have to consider the possibility that at some point it’s allure will wear off. Or it may conflict with your professional life, forcing you to constantly keep it hidden. In order to remove it, you may need to invest in laser tattoo removal.  Multiple sessions

Women and Acne Medication| iPledge and Pregnancy Dangers

Why Pregnancy Is Still Occurring In Women On the iPledge Acne Program

Prescription oral acne treatments have a very high risk of toxicity. One example is  isotretinoin which goes by names such as: Accutane, Claravis and Sotret. There are many side effects associated with this drug. A few listed by RX List include: Seizures Dryness of skin Hearing or vision problems Hallucinations Depression Thoughts of suicide The


How Eyelash Hair Transplant Results Can Save Time and Money

Many advertisements for mascaras claim to help make lashes look longer.  Realistically, what happens is that the formulation is able to coat the thin ends of the eyelash hairs that is normally not visible to the naked eye. And this can create the appearance of longer lengths. However, the effect of cosmetics is limited if

Lipsuction| Fat Injection- FAQ

Can Liposuction Be Done Right After A Pregnancy?

Much attention has been placed on Los Angeles reality star, Kim Kardashian who seems to have lost all her pregnancy weight just four months after giving birth to her new baby girl. She made a public statement asserting that her slim figure is the result of hard work, consistent discipline and a lot of exercise.

Curling Eyelashes| Manual or Heated

Should You Use A Heated or Manual Curler After Your Eyelash Transplant?

Manual lash curlers have been a staple part of mascara application routines for many women. They are often recommended in makeup tutorials. These tools are simple devices with a much recognized design. They work by press the eyelash hairs between two curved strips of foam.  They can be used by anyone who wants their lashes

Self Esteem and Self Confidence

An Anti-Aging Regimen: Tips for Youthful Eyes, Part Three

Eye skin is incredibly delicate and susceptible to signs of aging. Whether eye skin is damaged from loss of elasticity, poor lifestyle habits or environmental-based damages. Preventive eye wrinkle treatments and anti-aging regimen solutions have become one of the most popular requests for dermatologist. This is the appearance of a youthful face requires that eye

Los Angeles Patient - Fraxel Dual for Surgical Scar

Surgical Scar Treatment Results With Fraxel Dual

Scar tissue generally develops as a way for the skin to heal itself from trauma. Injuries can can be caused by heat, inflammation or impact from a sharp object. Fibroblast cells in the dermis will produce very thick collagen tissue. This is done to help fortify and protect the skin. However, many individuals are not