Many advertisements for mascaras claim to help make lashes look longer.  Realistically, what happens is that the formulation is able to coat the thin ends of the eyelash hairs that is normally not visible to the naked eye. And this can create the appearance of longer lengths.

However, the effect of cosmetics is limited if the individual already has short hairs to begin with. Women also have the option of using false lash strips. But many people find that they are not convenient for daily usage.

Eyelash extensions can be worn for considerable lengths of time (usually around several weeks).  They need to be professionally applied to individual lash hairs. While the adhesives are specialized enough to look completely undetectable, they have been found to irritate the eyes and cause various complications. Furthermore, visits to the salon usually start at about $200. And this can be quite expensive in the long term.

Latisse is a prescription solution that can be applied to the lash line. Actual growth does occur since the active ingredient extends the growth phase for a longer period of time. But long lashes can fade if the patient fails to apply the medication consistently. The cost of Latisse is also rather high, especially as an ongoing expense.

Why An Eyelash Restoration Procedure May Be The Most Sensible Route

Unlike the options mentioned above, eyelash hair transplantation is a form of surgery. At first, this may seem like an extreme course of action. But it is a one time cost. While maintenance is needed, these measures include occasional trimming as needed and curling of the lashes. The patient featured in these photos found that her results cost her less time and money compared to the other options that she had tried. And this is why an eyelash transplant can be the most ideal way to get longer lashes.

Nape hair follicles were extracted with uGraft punches and techniques. They were inserted into her lash line. These results are shown at just four months.



Results of eyelash transplant surgery after four months.*



patient’s lashes before and after surgery*



longer lashes can highlight and accentuate the eyes.*

To watch this patient’s video, click here.