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Los Angeles Dermatologist: Laser Leg Vein Removal Process Using Nd YAG 1064 Laser

Laser vein removal treatment procedure involves having the laser light applied to the skin over the veins and these red veins will absorb the laser light, causing the veins to coagulate and shrink. Laser vein treatments are most effective for small and medium fine sized veins. Large veins usually respond poorly with the typical laser

Los Angeles Dermatologist: Leg Veins and Sclerotheraphy by Dr. Umar

Before having the laser treatment, the patient complained of having spider veins on her legs. The majority of her leg veins were < 3mm in width. After her consultation with Dr. Umar in Los Angeles, it was decided that laser treatment with Nd:Yag laser was an ideal choice of treatment. In addition, veins greater than