Hollywood stars are only human. Although they may look flawless on camera, this depiction is not always accurate compared to how they appear in real life. Much of what we see is the result of makeup and digital imaging edits. In fact, there are many celebrities who have had to struggle considerably with acne.

June was Acne Awareness Month, which is dedicated to bringing awareness to the psychological and emotional consequences brought about by acne. Huffington Post decided to create a slideshow list of celebrities who are affected by stubborn forms of this condition. Being aware of how famous individuals also deal with acne can serve as a source of comfort for those who feel less than confident because of their skin.

The list includes:

(1) Cameron Diaz

(2) Alecia Keys

(3) P. Diddy

(4) Britney Spears

(5) Justin Bieber

(6) Kiera Knightly

(7) Emma Stone

(8) Salma Hayek

(9) Katy Perry

(10) Leonardo di Capprio

(11) Brad Pitt

Some of the celebrities listed above have endorsed commercialized acne products. But this does not necessarily mean these treatments were the sole reason they now have clearer skin. It is important to realize that the severity of acne can differ widely across individuals. And the most stubborn and challenging cases require the help of a good dermatologist, since cleansings may not produce desired results.

What Causes Acne?

Most people believe that acne is caused by dirt and makeup which becomes lodged in the skin pores. This creates the misconception that those who suffer from frequent breakouts lack proper hygiene regimens. In fact, this is untrue. Those with challenging acne issues are highly motivated to get rid of their pimples, due to the embarrassment it causes. And as a result, they will diligently make it a point to apply product and wash their faces regularly throughout the day.

The reason they continue to get pimples is because of blockages that develop from within the skin. The cells that line the follicular duct shed at a rather high rate. Also their oil glands may be very large and active due to hormonal surges. This causes the cellular debris to collect within the deeper regions of the pores, which is difficult for creams and cleansers to reach. Therefore, these types of acne cases are really the result of physiological issues and not personal negligence.

What Is the Best Way To Treat Acne

Understanding what causes acne is half the battle.  With the use of laser treatments (e.g. Spectra), it is possible to quickly  address multiple variables responsible for stubborn pimples. These include:

(1) shrinking the sebaceous glands by removing the outer layer

(2) killing bacteria

(3) unblocking deep obstructions in the pores

Getting the active acne under control should be a priority before treating the actual scars.

Also it is possible to quantify and measure the improvements that take place through digital imaging technology like VISIA. This helps to ensure that objective progress is being made.

Click here to view a video of a patient who received successful acne laser treatment results.