This patient, Pamela Pemrose, was featured on Good Morning America for her eyebrow hair transplant procedure performed by Dr. Umar.

Pamela wanted to have fuller looking brows. And she particularly admired the long, straight shape of Brooke Shield’s eyebrows.

For about ten years, she has been relying on brow pencils. But she decided that she wanted real hair growth.

Dr. Umar used 350 grafts from the nape. Typically, eyebrow hair restoration

procedures use follicles from the head where hair grows the thickest. Although it is possible to use leg and arm hair, he chose to use nape hair since it was more abundant and able to fulfill the required number of grafts needed.

Dr. Umar replicated the angles and orientations of her natural growth patterns as he extended and revised her existing brows.

The end result was a version of Brooke Shield’s brows which was uniquely customized for Pamela’s face.

When follicles from other areas of the body are transplanted, their cells will continue to have the same genetic code. This is why these hair shafts will continue to grow and behave as they did in their original location. Therefore, it is necessary to trim the eyebrows periodically.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant For Well Defined, Fuller Brows

Recently, many women have expressed preference for fuller, flatter and more masculine shaped eyebrows. According to the Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons in Britain, this has been going on for the last several decades. This may have been influenced by the advent of Audrey Hepburn as a beauty icon. But the pervasiveness of this inclination may have to do with a subconscious desire for more equality between the sexes.

The images of Pamela’s results were taken about six months after her procedure.

Before and After Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

Patient before and after eyebrow hair transplant*

Square Shaped Eyebrows| Flat Brows - Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

Eyebrow restoration results for improved shape and density*

New Eyebrows Inspired by Brook Shields| Eyebrow Transplant- Nape Hair

New eyebrows give patient a more sophisticated look*

The brows frame the eyes. They have the ability to make the face look ordinary or stately and distinctive.

Pamela is certainly happy with her eyebrow hair transplant results, expressing that she feels much more confident.

And she mentioned that people at work even noticed a change in the way she looks, although they can’t quite put their finger on what has changed.