Antioxidants| Diet Choices For Healthy Skin

Wrinkle Treatment and Anti Aging- The Effects of Diet

Wrinkle treatment and anti aging are usually thought of as products, services and medical treatments like lasers and fillers.  These interventions can be limited by the condition of your skin.  Dietary choices often plays a bigger role than most people think. Here are a few areas to consider when making choice about food. Antioxidants and

Radiesse Used For Non-Surgical Cheek Lift

Non Surgical Cheek Lift Results With Radiesse- Los Angeles Patient Photos

This Los Angeles patient wanted a non-surgical cheek lift. At age 58, bone loss had reduced the volume in her face.  Because Radiesse is made of calcium based particles within a gel, it can be used to provide the firmness needed to improve the shape of the cheekbones. Radiesse Used For Non Surgical Cheek Lift

Radiesse| Filling Laugh Lines Around Nose & Mouth

Radiesse Helps Remove Wrinkles and Facial Folds

Another dermal filler used to help reduce facial folds and wrinkles is Radiesse. Safe and FDA-approved, for instance, Radiesse has restored a natural, long lasting, youthful look for many individuals living around the El Segundo area in Los Angeles, California. The treatment helps restore facial volume as well as correct smile lines, Nasolabial folds, sunken