Non Surgical Cheek Lift

Los Angeles patient before and after her non surgical cheek lift with Radiesse*

This Los Angeles patient wanted a non-surgical cheek lift. At age 58, bone loss had reduced the volume in her face.  Because Radiesse is made of calcium based particles within a gel, it can be used to provide the firmness needed to improve the shape of the cheekbones.

Radiesse Used For Non Surgical Cheek Lift Procedure

When it is injected, doctors will reshape the gel mass into the desired form.  The patient is usually awake during the procedure and can provide instructions on what they want the results to look like.

According to her testimony, people noticed a positive difference in her face. But they were not able to really identify what took place.  It is not obvious that she had a  non surgical cheek lift using a filler.

Radiesse Under the Eyes

In addition to her non surgical cheek lift, the patient also had the filler applied to improve the hollows and wrinkles of her tear troughs.  Having deep and dark under eye areas is a very common complaint that many people have.  Although there are many cosmetic dermal fillers available, it is important to avoid using clear substances which run the risk of looking blue under the skin.  This is called the Tyndall effect. Light will scatter when it passes through a clear suspension. And this will result in a bruise like discoloration.

How Long Does Radiesse Last?

Radiesse can be used  to perform non-surgical cheek lift procedures, fill creases and depressions in the face and refine the contours of other areas such as the nose and chin.  It’s duration will be different depending on where it is injected and how fast the patient will metabolize the filler. On average, results will last between nine to eighteen months.

Non Surgical Cheek Lift Procedures For Patients in Los Angeles

Individuals in Los Angeles who are interested in non surgical cheek lift procedures with Radiesse may contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation. Our online form is at the top of this page.  Our office can also be reached at 877-337-6424