Los Angeles Patient Receives Liposuction – Before and After Pictures

                The liposuction procedure can be performed on thighs, buttocks and back. Liposuction is also one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures because it offers safe, effective fat and cellulite removal and can easily be combined with other cosmetic surgerytechniques. Some of the main liposuction benefits include

Front and Back Views of Liposuction Results in Los Angeles Patient

Los Angeles Liposuction Procedure of the Lower Abdomen and Thighs-Before and After

Indication for liposuction: Stubborn bulges in the lower abdomen, and thighs. Uneven contours of the thigh. Patient did not want anything aggressive Liposuction remains the only time tested and most effective way of removing stubborn and unwanted bulges by actually removing fat cells permanently. The procedure is done by Los Angeles dermatologist, Dr Umar  office in Redondo

Hermosa Beach Dermatologist: Liposuction by Dr. Umar, MD

Liposuction is the one of the most popular form of cosmetic surgery procedures that many people decide to have in order to remove the excess fat from their bodies. Liposuction can improve the appearance of the body by removing areas that show a concentrated amount of visible fat. However, keep in mind that having liposuction

Los Angeles Dermatology: The Various Options for Body Contouring

Body contouring has become incredibly popular, and many people are looking towards it to remove lumps and bulges around their body they would like to see slimmed down. Often exercise cannot truly flatten out some of these areas, but science has begun developing new and exciting ways to improve the body contour and give our

Better Alternative to Collagen: Fat Transfer in Los Angeles

Facial wrinkles and creases appear when you begin to age. They begin to appear as the underlying collagen and elastin fibers break down and wear out. While this breakdown is part of the natural aging process, it can also result from excessive squinting, frowning, and smiling. While collagen can smooth out wrinkles, injectable collagen isn’t