Patient Before & After Silhouette Lift

Patient in Los Angeles Gets Treatment for Saggy Skin With Silhouette Lift-Before and After

Before Surgery: Los Angeles patient concerned about saggy skin  and the onset of jowling in her cheeks.  In a relatively young patient, with only mild degree of sag, a full facelift is considered too early and too invasive. The patient opted for a silhouette lift which is relatively non invasive. Here are before and after pictures:

Patient Undergoing Photodynamic Light Therapy

Acne Scar Removal and Photodynamic Light Therapy

In his practice, Dr. U offers Photodynamic light therapy as one option to treat acne. This is a blue light laser that is effective for treating even the most stubborn and severe acne. How Photodynamic Light Therapy Can Help Clear Acne Acne results from the obstruction and inflammation of the sebaceous glands, and it affects 80% of

VISIA Skin Analysis Offered By. Dr. Umar

VISIA Computerized Skin Complexion Analysis

In his quest for excellence, Dr. Umar has incorporated into his practice the most objective way to assess your skin rejuvenation needs. VISIA is an advanced computer photography system manufactured by Canfield that scores your facial skin on each of the following parameters of aging and sun damage: Spots Wrinkles Pores Texture Ultraviolet (sun damage)