In his quest for excellence, Dr. Umar has incorporated into his practice the most objective way to assess your skin rejuvenation needs. VISIA is an advanced computer photography system manufactured by Canfield that scores your facial skin on each of the following parameters of aging and sun damage:

Ultraviolet (sun damage)
Porphyrins (markers for the bacteria that cause acne)

Your score is rated relative to your peers (similar age and ethnicity). With this very objective report, Dr. Umar is able to recommend a precise and effective rejuvenation regimen for your specific needs. Whether your optimal plan of action includes Fraxel Repair , Fraxel Restore, Botox, Clear-100, Radiesse, Juvederm Restylane, home skin care treatment kits or prescriptions, Visia Complexion Analysis will zero in on areas and levels of damage to prevent unnecessary or erroneous treatments.

This service is offered free to all patients planning to undergo any skin rejuvenation procedure.