Nutrition for Better Skin

Wrinkle Treatment Nutrition That Enhances Collagen & Elastin Development

You may already know that collagen plays an important role in the youthful appearance of your skin. It is one of the most abundant types of proteins that your body has. Collagen enables your skin to stay firm. There is another type of protein known as elastin, which gives your skin the ability to stretch

Botox| Treatment for Facial Expression Wrinkles

Botox Popularity Confirmed By 2012 Stats

It is no surprise that Botox procedures are in high demand.  However, it is interesting to learn what statistics have to say about this. Earlier this month, the American Society of Plastic Surgery revealed their findings  on the number of cosmetic procedures that were performed in 2012. Based on the results, more people are opting

Skin Care| Understanding Retinoids

Understanding Retinoids As An Effective Wrinkle Treatment Ingredient

Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A. They can be found in prescription strength creams such as Retin A, Renova, Atralin, Avage/Tazorac. There is also an over the counter version called Retinol. Although these skin care products are usually not found in glamorous packaging, retinoids are recommended by dermatologists as the most effective wrinkle treatment ingredient

Poker Players| Use of Botox

Pokertox: Botox Results in the Forehead and Face to Help Poker Players

Good Botox results are supposed to allow natural facial movement to remain.  And Botox outcomes are considered bad if they minimize facial expression. These days more men are undergoing these injection procedures as a wrinkle treatment. But here is another reason for males to take an interest in Botox. In the world of poker, the ability

Antioxidants| Diet Choices For Healthy Skin

Wrinkle Treatment and Anti Aging- The Effects of Diet

Wrinkle treatment and anti aging are usually thought of as products, services and medical treatments like lasers and fillers.  These interventions can be limited by the condition of your skin.  Dietary choices often plays a bigger role than most people think. Here are a few areas to consider when making choice about food. Antioxidants and

Wrinkles Can Be Prevented & Treated

Wrinkle Treatment Claims of Lancome and Face Slapping

Many people  in Los Angeles are interested in wrinkle treatment results. After all, the  desire to get rid of wrinkles is natural.   In response to this demand, numerous products and services have been developed. All of them offer the hope of improving the appearance of lines and creases on the face.  However, some of

Dysport for Forehead Lines| Male Patient Before and After His Treatment

Wrinkle Treatment and Antiaging Procedures Increasing Among Men

  Cosmetic procedures have become increasingly more accepted by society in recent years.  They used to be considered an interest area more or less restricted to women.  However, it seems that more men are opting for various types of wrinkle treatment and rejuvenation procedures to improve their appearance. b Here are a few possible reasons

Belotero|FAQ|Los Angeles

An Introduction to Belotero For Los Angeles Patients

Belotero is dermal filler used in Europe since 2006. Last year, in 2011 it was approved by the FDA. Belotero is made of hyaluronic acid, like Juvederm and Restylane. However due to the way it is produced, Belotero has unique structural properties that allow it to perform differently from older forms of HA fillers. Physicians

Dangers of Regular Tanning| Wrinkle Prevention & Treatment

Regular Tanning and the Inevitable Need For Corrective Wrinkle Treatment

Society perceives bronze skin as attractive compared to having pale skin. This is why sun bathing and tanning has become a deliberate choice for many people, especially here in the Los Angeles area. However, there is a myth that getting a “base tan” is good for prepping the skin and helping prevent severe burning. The