It is no surprise that Botox procedures are in high demand.  However, it is interesting to learn what statistics have to say about this.

Earlier this month, the American Society of Plastic Surgery revealed their findings  on the number of cosmetic procedures that were performed in 2012.

Based on the results, more people are opting for minimally invasive treatments. In fact, last year’s numbers exceeded the outcomes from previous years, reaching “an all time high” according to the Huffington Post.  Despite the economic slow down, individuals are choosing to invest in their appearance. 2012 marks the third straight year that has shown an increase in cosmetic procedures.

ASPS Findings on Botox Procedures in 2012

These studies also show that 6.1 million Botox procedures were performed last year. This is the highest count ever in the United States.

Compared to 2011, this represents an 8% increase, a larger jump compared to the 5% increase in soft dermal tissue fillers.

Botox and Los Angeles Celebrities

Huffington Post also brought up the point that these millions of Americans are basically using the same anti aging procedures as celebrities such as: Sharon Osbourne, Simon Cowell, Nicole Kidman and Vanessa Williams. Also, with regards to Botox, it is also rumored that younger stars like Megan Fox, Linsay Lohan, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian and Hillary Duff also use the injection.

Botox has been used cosmetically for almost eleven years. Initially it was  used somewhat exclusively by Hollywood stars.   And it continues to have this reputation for many individuals.

However, it is now a very common wrinkle treatment (for crows feet removal, frown lines and forehead lines) used by every day people.

Before and After Botox Treatment

Los Angeles patient before and after her Botox procedure.*

Although Botox has received a lot of attention due to images of overdone celebrities all across the internet, it is important to understand that these outcomes have to do with the way the treatments are performed.  By itself, the injection is just a tool.

The trick to natural looking results that are seen on Kelly Ripa and Vanessa Williams is to remember that less is more.   In many cases, Botox can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers to address other forms of wrinkles for a natural looking outcome.