The sun can be your best friend or worst enemy. Sunlight can provide your skin with Vitamin D and can even help with bad acne. Still it’s important to watch for over exposure to the sun. Obvious sun damage includes sunburns and skin cancer, but sun damage can also include thick, dry skin, wrinkles, blotches and discoloration, and those freckly sun spots. Sun spots are not unrelated to age spots or liver spots, high exposure to the sun can make us age prematurely.

Suntans are essentially controlled radiation burns; tans are actually something that your body needs to heal from. Sun spots happen when your body can no longer heal itself properly. What remain from the tan are small brown spots. Fortunately, sun spot removal is possible. There’s no reason to look old before your time. Several non-surgical cosmetic treatments can successfully remove sun spots including Chemical Peels.

Remember just because there are great aesthetic procedures to correct sun damage skin available, it doesn’t give you a license to go gallivanting in the sun. Always wear a hat and use sunscreen to protect yourself.

Chemical peels and microdermabrasians use intensive exfoliation techniques to remove sun spots. Chemical Peels use a solution to literally peel the top layer of sun damaged skin off. New, healthier skin can grow back.