Botox allows for the ability to regain a youthful look.  This Los Angeles patient opted for Botox to get rid of forehead wrinkles, upper face wrinkles, droopy eyebrows, frown lines, and crows feet. She wanted to regain her youthful smile and look.

Using Botox, one of the leading dermal fillers in the world, Dr. Umar at Finetouch Dermatology accomplished the goal of helping the patient revitalize her appearance. In the video, Dr. Umar also explains the benefits of Botox, and how it works with the patient’s skin and is able to treat wrinkles without the need for surgery. The video shows the before and after transformation.

Forehead Lines| Treatment With Botox

The strategic use of Botox enabled this patient to achieve a smoother and natural looking forehead.*

Frown Lines| Treatment With Botox

With the help of her Botox procedure, this patient no longer worries about vertical frown lines.*

Crows Feet Reduced On Patient| Botox Treatment

Patient’s crow’s feet wrinkles are visibly reduced after her Botox procedure.*

Botox | Patient With Natural Looking Results

With a skilled and artful approach, Botox results can help patients look younger while retaining a natural looking appearance.*

Botox Procedures For Patients In Los Angeles

For those who are interested in the treatments like Botox,  it is a good idea to speak to a dermatologist. At Fine Touch Dermatology we offer preliminary consultations at no cost. Sign up for an appointment using our form link at the top. Or call us directly at 310-318-1500.