This Los Angeles patient had three areas of concern that were all addressed with Radiesse:

(1) cheekbones that she wanted to be higher and more shapely

(2) sunken and dark tear troughs

(3) prominent marionette lines

Here is a video taken two months after her treatment which used 2 syringes of Radiesse (3cc). It features before and after images of her procedure:

Radiesse is a versatile dermal filler that can:

(1) fill creases

(2) add volume to the face

(3) refine the contours of facial features

How Radiesse Works

The dermal filler is made of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres suspended in a gel. They can arrange themselves in different densities and configurations depending on the surrounding areas of tissue where they are injected.  This is why Radiesse can be used for soft areas and more firm areas of the face to give very natural looking results. For facial contouring purposes,  the Radiesse gel needs to be manually shaped once it is injected.

Radiesse For Tear Troughs

Also, Radiesse is white, not clear.  Light rays will scatter when they pass through a clear injection solution. And this will produce a bluish color. This is why hyaluronic acid fillers are not recommended for use under the eyes.  However,  the use of Radiesse for the tear troughs can give wonderful results without producing discolorations.

Positive Changes Through Radiesse

According to the patient in the video, other people noticed a difference in her face. But they are were not  able to pinpoint what had changed.  Her cheek lift did not look obvious.  And nor did it look like anything was done around the eye and mouth areas.

The results of Radiesse will last between nine to eighteen months.  The microspheres and the gel will create the desired volume and shape.  However, the body will slowly absorb the gel over time. During this period, new collagen fibers will develop in its place.

Non-Surgical Cheek Lift Results| Los Angeles Patient

Patient is happy with the results of her Radiesse treatment which provided the subtle cheek contouring effect that she wanted.*

Non-Surgical Cheek Lift| Three Quarters View of Patient's Face

Radiesse was able to create a gentle lift in the apples of the patient’s cheeks, creating a natural looking result.*

Radiesse for Dark Under Eye Circles| Before and After

With Radiesse, a discrete layer of the filler helped to lift the tear trough depression, reducing the darkness in these areas.*

Patient Talks About Her Radiesse Treatment For Higher Cheekbones and Under Eye Circles

The patient is very happy about the fact that her cheeks look plumper and higher.  Also because of Radiesse, the areas beneath her eyes did not look as dark as before. The marionette lines had also diminished.

When asked if she would choose to undergo this procedure again, the patient replied, “In a heartbeat.”

Radiesse for Los Angeles Patients

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