Looking back at memorabilia of yourself when you were a young adult may strike you by surprise now, especially if you want to change your eyebrow’s appearance.

Some people naturally lose more brow hairs over time. This may be due to hormones or other factors. Others may be guilty of over plucking or over waxing.

What many people are unaware of is that excessive tweezing causes scarce brows later on.  So extremely thin arches may not be worth it in the long run.


Eyebrow hairs grow back approximately four months after they are removed. Therefore over plucking will not be resolved in a matter of weeks. So, every hair is important.

Therefore, if you want to choose the best way to restore the appearance of your brows, perhaps consider surgery.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation has become a phenomenon in the U.S as well as in many other countries. Both men and women seek eyebrow transplants to achieve fuller, thicker, shapely brows.


At DermHair clinic Dr. U performs an eyebrow transplant in a matter of a few hours. Dr. U matches the hair textures closely by harvesting hairs from the leg a  or nape. These hairs provide a finer texture, and mimic the look of natural brow hair.

With the right surgeon, it is nearly impossible for others to find out that a person has undergone an eyebrow transplant. It is relatively safe, and the most  effective way to achieve natural looking brows.

Other Options to Eyebrow Surgery

Sure there are other alternatives to a transplant, but they are not permanent. Penciling in eyebrows everyday can become cumbersome, and not something everyone wants to do.

The use of tattoos is a more extreme solution to create brows.  But not everyone likes the final look. Also, it must be noted that tattooed eyebrows are not permanent. The ink fades, and must be reapplied every few months or so to keep the look consistent.

Important Facts About Eyebrow Transplant Procedures

So, after you have exhausted the other resources of restoring your eyebrow hair, and have decided to undergo an eyebrow transplant, here are some important facts to know:


  • The conventional method for performing this type of surgery is the strip harvesting technique. But this will leave a permanent linear scar. And doctors cannot choose to use thinner, more natural looking graft hairs. Therefore, the ability to use leg or nape hair may be the most ideal option.
  • Besides improving the density of the eyebrows, it is also possible to make subtle changes to the overall shape as well
  • Nape and head hair will shed within the following few months after the procedure to make room for new growth. But this will not occur with leg hair.
  • Occasional trimming with scissors is recommended. Otherwise the transplanted brow hair will continue to grow long. These follicles continue to show the same characteristics as they did before. Nape, head and even leg hair can grow much longer than natural eyebrow hair.


In the end, the best thing about an eyebrow transplant is that one can start over. They have a fresh clean slate of thick, beautiful brows to show off  to the world.

before and after eyebrow hair transplant in a los angeles patient

patient before and after her eyebrow transplant with nape hair*