In life there comes a point where one may look in the mirror one day and realize their skin is not as vibrant as it used to be.  Vibrant looking skin is important for many people these days, especially since we live in an image-based society. Skin is the first component of the body that reveals so much about a person’s age, and any type of existing skin condition.

Unlike the body,  the face, cannot be covered up, other than with makeup.  This is a huge concern for some people who may suffer from a visible unwanted  skin conditions.

Nowadays, dermatologists use lasers to correct skin issues, particularly on the face.

Those who may battle an unwanted look of their skin from dull texture, wrinkles, acne, and enlarged pores may want to know that there is a facial treatment that can help one achieve vibrant looking skin. So how is this possible?

Spectra Laser as an Ideal Skin Treatment

The Spectra laser allows one to change all the undesired issues listed above. Many people may be familiar with facials that are offered at a spa, but this spectra laser is a specialized laser that uses 1064nm wavelength. The number of this wavelength may  sound  dangerously high. But it is safe for all skin tones, since it is resistant to being absorbed by melanin outside the treated areas. It allows for the doctor to focus on a  very specific area of the face.

The Spectra laser delivers short burst of energy to the skin to heat and exfoliate the outer layer simultaneously. There is a specialized lotion used to ignite the interaction between the energy and the lotion. It causes the carbon within the substance to be destroyed.

The lotion is carbon based and is called Levulan. It reacts with the long pulse laser energy to create small explosions on the surface of the skin, including the pores. As a  result, this causes the outer layer of the skin to start peeling. The pores become unblocked, and less oil is produced. Spectra laser burns away the outer layer of the sebaceous glands.

Next, the heat from this process stimulates the production of new collagen fibers, which tightens the area around the skin’s pores. It allows them to become smaller.

The end of the laser peel skin treatment can be compared to a chemical peel. Chemical peels are  offered at beauty spas, and performed by aestheticians, not doctors. The Spectra laser peel is much safer since the doctor can control how deep the laser energy will penetrate. During a chemical peel there is no way to determine how deep the chemicals have penetrated.

Dr. Umar is a well-known cosmetic dermatologist who treats many patients with a variety of skin conditions. At Dr. Umar’s clinic he uses spectra laser peel for patients who want to achieve natural and vibrant looking skin.


In addition, Spectra laser facials are used for antiaging purposes. So, for those who want to take preventative measures this facial may be right for you.

Treatment for Acne| Spectra Laser Results

Patient before and after her Spectra skin condition for acne *