Overtime the face may start to droop. This is often related to the inevitable force of gravity which pulls our tissues downward as one continues to blow out birthday candles each year.  Also muscles, fat and connective tissue below the skin will atrophy over time due to various causes and natural aging processes.

However, this appearance can be reversed, believe it or not. The key is to restore volume into the depleted areas. When done correctly, this can effectively revitalize a person’s appearance.

Restylane For A Younger Looking Face

Hyaluronic acid fillers, which are modeled after a natural lubricating substance within our skin, are excellent choices for achieving this.

One example is Restylane. This dermal filler is made from a non-animal source.

What many people may not be aware of is that hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar that is found in our bodies. It binds to a large number of water molecules to give in order for it to lubricate and hydrate the skin. It integrates quite well with existing collagen and elastin as it enhances the volume of the face. It can even promotes the synthesis of new collagen structures.

Choosing Restylane

For those of you who do not want to undergo invasive surgery, Restylane may be a great choice to consider. It lasts between three to nine months. Therefore through ongoing injections, procedures can be adapted to facial changes which result from natural aging processes over time.

A question that might occur to you is whether or not to choose Restylane over Botox?

Both injectables can help address wrinkles. But they have different properties and work in different ways. Because Restylane is made of hyaluronic acid, it is more ideal for restoring depleted volume beneath the skin. Botox is made of a neurochemical produced by bacteria. It works with the nerves which control the facial muscles and keeps them relaxed. This prevents them from creasing the skin.

Restylane may be chosen over Botox for cases where the signs of aging are due to volume loss in the face. For example, it is helpful for nasolabial folds or laugh lines around the sides of the mouth.

Botox is a better choice for crows feet, forehead lines or frown lines.

Restylane needs to be placed very deep below the skin’s surface. Superficial injections may result in discoloration due to a light phenomenon known as the Tyndall effect.

If you are considering the use of any form of cosmetic procedure  using fillers, it is best to consult with an experienced board certified dermatologist like Dr. U. During these initial sessions, you will learn how these treatments can best meet your objectives as well as the pros and cons.

One type of treatment may work well for one individual. But someone else will need to have a different set of factors addressed. Therefore, they may require a different approach using other types of products, or even a combination of different treatments. A highly skilled doctor will be able to create a very individualized strategy for every patient’s needs.

Restylane information for los angeles patients

(image: Flickr-Creative Commons) Younger faces are characterized by volume which depletes over time. Fillers like Restylane are intended to restore fullness*