This patient was just like most other women in their 40’s and 50’s–beginning to see a noticeable amount of eyebrow thinning. While over-tweezing for many years was one factor in the cause, a perhaps greater factor was aging. Hormonal fluxes that lead to general hair loss is a result of growing older.

She first attempted a daily makeup routine involving the tedious application of eyebrow pencil. After this, she moved on to give eyebrow tattooing a try. While the tattoos took the shape she wanted and filled in the empty space, they looked harsh and unlike real hair. They also faded fairly quickly, meant she had to get them redone every four months or so.

eyebrow hair transplant result

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Result*

eyebrow transplant transpant before and after

Eyebrow Transplant*


Dr. Umar’s Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Dr. Umar employs a unique proprietary tool called uGraft. It’s an innovative FUE procedure that maximizes hair transplant results. Thus, eyebrow restoration also benefits. This patient’s eyebrow redemption rested in his skillful hands, and proved to be her solution.

She learned of him because of his notoriety as a top FUE surgeon and for his innovations in body hair transplantation. His maximum efficiency method would be able to fill her arches to her specified shape, with real, permanent hair. The procedure required 450 grafts, drawn in microscopic punches from the nape of her neck. Dr. Umar only uses hair from this area or the legs for eyebrow transplant, because of its aesthetic advantage–it is thinner, shorter, and slower growing, thus it blends well and needs the least trimming maintenance.

Her outcome fifteen months after the procedure has yielded full, nicely arched eyebrows to take the place of the old tattoos. “I’m very pleased. I’m very surprised,” she commented. “They look like eyebrows, not like something drawn on the skin.” She also relayed that the procedure was easy, only taking 3 hours, and it was no problem for her to drive home when it was over. Recovery has also gone well, and wound care has been low-maintenance.

before eyebrow restoration by UGraft FUE

Before Eyebrow Restoration by UGraft FUE*

After eyebrow restoration with UGraft FUE

After Eyebrow Restoration with UGrafts FUE*


Your Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Fussing over your eyebrows every day can be tiring–shaping them each morning, using a brush to blend them so they appear natural, making sure not to rub them off. But the frustration of eyebrow hair loss can be permanently resolved. Take advantage of Dr. Umar’s free online consultation to find out if eyebrow hair transplant is the answer you’ve been looking for to escape the daily fuss.

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